90 days here I come-my weight loss plan

Yesterday, as I sat in church I started to think about my diet and health goals. As mentioned from yesterday, I've been struggling with my emotional eating this past 2 weeks (from stressfulness), which has made it really hard to stay on track. I think it really started because we took vacation time and then school started, but with all excuses to the side... I stopped working out with Mr. Sonboul in the mornings.

Now I have a bit of a dilemma... Mr. Sonboul is getting foxy hot and dripping with muscles. Holy crap right?! I can't be fat and frumpy and let him pass me up (I'm way too competitive to let that happen!). He just started P90X and wow! In just 2 weeks I see major changes in him. I have NO desire to do P90 or X, so I've been working out to step and cardio aerobic DVDs. My method is "keep the fat moving" haha.

When I'm on the ball and working out, I see big changes (so I'm not worried about that). I'm more so whining because I've decided to restart my 90 days. I was at almost 60 days in July and then I restarted and was at about 20days... and now today I'll be at day 1. boohoo!

So, today I restart my healthy goals AGAIN! Darn you chocolate... Darn you late night burritos... Darn you whole grain wheat bread that's suppose to be better for me.... when I'd rather it be the white crappy welfare bread! I don't look forward to rebuilding the muscles with soreness and I don't look forward to the detoxing. Nope... I really don't. But I am grateful for my body and I long to see my butt in a size 8 again. Goodbye meals after 7pm. Goodbye chocolate. Goodbye bad habits.

Now, this 90 days is going to suck. There is no hiding it, but I just don't want to wait for the new year to get started again. I am planning on documenting it on here. yep for the world to see. which is rare for me. I just don't take full body shots without an above angle. So tomorrow, I will share with all of you my full body shot in hopes of a little extra motivation.  I'm keeping my weight to myself, but I'll share as the number ticks down.

So far I've lost 35lbs. and at the end of my 90 days I'm shooting for losing another 50lbs.
Alright, enough chatting about it and I'm off to workout. Tomorrow I'll post a picture... Lord help me to have the will and strength to post it haha. I'll also be posting how I lose the weight and other tips that really works/worked for me.

See you all tomorrow

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Cindy deRosier said...

Congrats for the 35 and good luck with the 50! Just think of how good you'll feel once you're there.

JennV said...

Congratulations on the 35lbs! Don't beat yourself up...the more weight you lose, the harder it is! But I believe you will make it.

Sharon said...

I am so excited for you as you re-start your weight loss journey! I have just finished losing 55 lbs and have about 25 to go. It has been the most rewarding thing that I have done for many years. My Relief Society has asked me to teach a weekly class on healthy eating and weight loss so I now have 24 sisters sharing the journey with me. If you need someone to talk to let me know. Lisa is also taking the class. I hope that you have as much fun and success as we are having. Apply the same energy and creativity to it as you do for your family and scrapbooking, and you will do great and have fun doing it!

Heidi Van Laar said...

I want to be Like you when I grow up :) I love how motivated you are!

Jason said...

So..."dripping with muscles" is a slight exaggaration. I'm am definitely not a Ryan gosling (You know who I mean ladies). anyway, I suppose in contrast to 3.5 months ago there is a marked change, but there is still room for improvement. Perhaps after I finish P90X there may be some drippage (Somehow that just sounds wrong).

Kim Sonksen said...

Holy Hannah - 35lbs is wicked!!!! You have shifted a big chunk already and I have every confidence that you gonna get to your goal in the time frame you wanted. WOOT WOOT