Randomness on a sunny Sunday

1. Four years ago I took these photos and I still LOVE them.
2. I had a hard time not eating emotionally this week. I was super busy with school for the boys and helping Anna Griffin get ready for an upcoming HSN show.
3. I held my best friend's new baby today. I love him so much. He makes my desire for a 3rd child hurt even more.
4. I'm looking forward to taking the sacrament today and listening to the talks. 
5. I miss singing and I have no idea how I let that slip away. Yesterday while singing, Jason said "I love when you sing" and it made me long for more singing time.
6. I love being mean to bratty teenagers. It's just how I roll. 
7. I wear my favorite sandles until their have holes in them.
8. I am 1 month and 14 days from turning 30 and I'm looking forward to it.
9. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog yesterday. I read every comment 
10. I love to wear stripes which means I LOVE this look! My best friend also loves stripes, so I know she would love this look too.

PS this girl is too skinny. I'm just saying.


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Heidi Van Laar said...

You poor busy girl. Wish I lived closer so I could come over and give you a hand :)

Ann R. said...

New to your blog and love it! I, too, love Sacramento meeting AND singing! Just got back from choir practice. (I am the new choir director of just a few months.) Oh, what a blessing this has been. The choir seems to be growing and these peeps sound goooood! Next week we sing and have a violinist playing with us. Music is good for the soul. Try to sing more, Heidi. It is a good thing in the midst of all your busyness. Sending lovely music (and some free time) vibes your way! XXOO

Ann R. said...

Just saw that I wrote "Sacramento" meeting. Ha, ha! (I live very close to Sacramento - maybe that's why or my typing skills are not so hot!)