14 loads of laundry

Is sitting on our love set. I love having a clean home for General Conference and it looks like that won't happen 100% this year. Everything else is cleaned in our home, but that darn laundry! It's all clean and just needs to be folded, but I've been so busy this week playing catch up in a lot of places.

Maybe we can fold it as a family while we listen/watch conference. Will you be watching it?  Here is a link to it. There are some of the most amazing and inspiring uplifting talks given at General Conference. Which means having a clean home makes me enjoy it so much more.

Among my crazy day I made this layout for American Crafts.

Supplies: American Crafts Night Fall Collection


Using their Fall Leaves 35530 paper, I cut out each leaf to create this cute little fall tree :)
Simply layer the leaves until you are happy and cut a trunk out of brown cardstock.

I hope you all enjoy General Conference and a nice weekend.

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

I love that you took the time to cut out each and every one of those leaves! It looks awesome!

Happy Gen Con weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I will be watching conference! Wouldn't miss it for the world. Hey, by the way would you like me to send you some real fall leaves :D

Leslie said...

We don't even have enough clothes for 14 loads. Talk about overwhelming!!!

Jenny said...

Such a beautiful page... I love the tree with all its leaves... so gorgeous...

Jenny x

Rebecca said...

Oh I love that tree!

NancyBurke said...

VERY cute tree! Adorable photo, too. You work with AC so well!