Weight loss Wednesdays Week 2


This week has been H...A...R...D! But I've done my very best to stick with it all. I have stocked our refrigerator with healthy things and have focused on having Breakfast. So for this week I have a few favorite things to share

1) Ice Cream is my 2nd drug of choice and recently we started visiting our local Frozen Yogart shop. This is a life saver for me. It's way less calories and is sooo yummy! I get a small bowl and it's a lot for 150 Calories. We visit Gold Spoon. 

2) So that I don't use up my starches in the morning, I've become a BIG fan of smoothies in the morning. The fiber keeps me full and it's really good. Here is how I make them

-1 cup of milk
-5 strawberry's {frozen from costco}
-1 Banana 
-1 Fat free raspberry yogart
-Blind it all together. I give 1/2 of it to the boys and the other 1/2 is 1 full cup. That full cup is 180 Calories.

3) We live a few blocks from school and walking the boys to and from really helps burn more calories. The boys get out at 2 different times so I walk about a mile when I walk back and forth 6 times :)

4) I lost another 2 lbs. 

5) This is now on my wish list. It's about $150. and you wear it non stop. It tracks EVERYTHING. Mileage, Activity, Calories oh my! It's nice knowing how good/active one can be in a day. This kinda stuff helps me push harder :) 

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Rebecca said...

Great job this week! I just wanted to comment about the BodyBugg. I have one and I love it! It is great to be able to see what you burn everyday. It is also motivating to see how many steps you have walked. If I have less than 10,000 I usually have to go for a walk before the end of the day. :)