Weight loss Wednesdays


Day 1- Sept 20th
I'm not regretting chatting with my sister last night (because we had a great/funny talk about Fassy), but I am regretting how late I stayed up. Tonight I will for sure go to sleep at 10pm and not 11:47pm. I mean, who wants to workout when you are half asleep?! Today I started my workout with Kathy Smith... I love her and have for years!

Day 2- Sept 21st
Today I got up and worked out really hard. Super sweaty...which I love. I want to see the progress and I guess sweat= progress for me. I got up a little later then normal, but I got in my workout and a shower. We just bearly made it to school, but I felt great. Putting myself first is so hard sometimes, but I know it's worth it and super important. Especially when others depend on me.

Day 3-Sept 22nd
Today was a ruff day. I found out some sad news and I wanted to eat past 7pm soooo bad. I talked to Mr. Sonboul and he made me feel much better! Thanks for that lover! I wish that food didn't comfert me. I wish that starch wasn't was drug of chose!

Day 4-Sept 23rd
Bummer... I missed my workout today, but I didn't eat past 7pm. Today was just long and I packed in so many different "to do list" items. I felt like super mom, but just in a size 18 haha. I have a new plan. I'm going to restart my 90 days for this coming Monday. I feel weird that not starting my 90days on a Monday. I know this is an excuse, but it is what it is. This week has been so busy and even though I'm sure most weeks will be busy for me... I'm not going to stress myself out about being to perfect in the beginning. My goals for the rest of the week are to not eat past 7pm and to go to bed at 10pm. Those two habits will help me concore my food and workout issues.

Day 5-Sept 24th
I thought a lot about yesterday and I'm still bummed that I missed my workout. I also didn't work out today, but I was VERY active. We spent the day REALLY cleaning our home. Ya know, taking things out of our closets and building shelves {Shelves story coming later}. I'm hopeful for Monday and feeling like I can stick to my new schedule.

Day 6-Sept 25th
I'm feeling uplifted this morning. Yes it's cloudy outside and yes the boys have colds, but that's alright. Tomorrow is Monday and I'm looking forward to my Day 1 of 90 days...again haha. Today is going to be a hard day for food because I didn't go shopping on Saturday. We are out of a lot of stuff, so I guess I'll stick with salads and a veggie burger. I'm realizing how important it is to have the right items stocked in a home, in order to eat right.

Day 1-Sept 26th
Alrighty... today I got up and worked out. I pushed myself to feel the "burn" and I must say ... yes... I felt the burn! After a long day today... and tons of school work from the boys, I can't wait for my head to hit my pillow. I have a ton of DVR shows I'm longing to watch {because I LOVE fall tv time}, but I think I'm going to put sleep first. Especially because I don't want to restart my 90 days again, due to the lack of sleep.
Goal for today: bed by 9:30pm

Day 2-Sept 27th
As I was working out this morning, I was also telling the boys to eat breakfast and then get dressed. It was a full morning of getting the boys ready and trying to finish my workout on time, to make sure I got my shower in for the day. I am 100% certain this is why mothers are overweight. Even in our downtime, we are trying to get stuff done. It's much easier to put the workout aside and help them get dressed and put food on the table. After all, if it were up to children we would never be on time to anything. I think that this morning has opened my eyes to the fact that we MUST demand this time to better ourselves. This doesn't mean going out partying with the girls all night, but it does mean that we are not a "bad mommy" if we make our health a priority. I know that this journey will not be easy and that there will be mornings when I want to give up. The truth is I'm more tired of giving up on my goals, because I'm trying to find their matching sock or homework that THEY didn't put away properly. I love being a mommy, but does that mean I have to compromise my health? I know that thinking got me into this size 18. That is the monster in my head telling me to eat to feel better, so I can get everything done. It's such backwards thinking. WE need to be healthy to get everything done. How can we truly take care of others, when we don't take care of ourselves?
Just a thought.

Day 3-Sept 28th
It's day 3 of my 90 days and holy smokes does my bum hurt. I pushed through the pain and was covered in sweat. Later when coming home {after dropping the boys off at school}, I walked up the stairs to our apartments. When I got to the 5th step my bum was on fire. It seems that the squats are working and there are some changes going on in the bum region. I can't wait to put on a size 16 and I can't wait to take you all shopping with me for some new jeans.

Weight lost this week: 3.5 lbs

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Emilie said...

You are AWESOME!!!

Sandi Smith said...

Good for you Heidi...you are such an inspiration...wish I could be like you! I am currently at my heaviest and use every excuse and do absolutely nothing about! Keep up the awesome work!

JennV said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! Don't give yourself a hard time! I think a VERY ACTIVE day totally counts as working out! And isn't 6 days per week working out pretty okay? :) (Just don't give up if you miss a day!)

The Dinner Spot said...

Very inspiring- keep it up!!! I have been trying to start my diet for over a year. Every week I would start over. This past month I decided a new approach. Instead of trying to bite off more than I can chew- he he, I am giving myself two goals. One, like yours, not eating after 7pm. The other, a small dessert only once a week. I figured these are my 2 hardest goals. So if I focused all my efforts just on these two, hopefully it will work. Next goal, working out more, I already do 3 times a week at the gym but I would love to do at least 5.
Weight loss is a very hard thing to do, especially when it is emotionally. Lucky you have a VERY SUPPORTIVE team on your side. ;)