Who will crack first???

When Calvin was a baby, he was the hardest baby to put to sleep. Now, I'm really good with babies and some friends even call me the baby whisperer. In fact... I was a nanny for a few years as a young adult. So kids are my thing. Now, when we had Calvin he decided to give us a run for my perfect track record. He would stay awake as long as he could. I tried letting him cry it out. I tried keeping him awake in the day time more. I tried everything...full tummies, but nothing worked for this kid.

He would stay up until almost midnight/1 am every time and it had us in almost tears. Jason had to go to school and work full time, so this kid was my case to crack. The only time he would go to sleep was if you kept rocking him. One night Jason came home from school and told me I could go to bed. I was so sleep deprived that I went for this offer.

About 2 hours later I notice Jason wasn't in bed and when I went into the front room I saw this. A good determined father. In fact if you look at the blanket it was tied behind Jason's back to keep Calvin in his lap. lol


This is proof that we have a great daddy and a wild child on our hands and that they wore each other out. I have no idea who cracked first... I just know that they both finally got sleep.

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Cheryl Nelson said...

so sweet!

Leslie said...

Precious picture! Why is it that sometimes the hardest moments turn into the best memories?