Some nice time off

After all the worry and fear for my sister and her family, I took off a few days just to relax and enjoy the weekend with our family.

And here are all the pictures. Me and Bradley (I was super relaxed... a.k.a. no make up)

We live right next to a cute little park and we decided to eat lunch their on Monday (Memorial Day). I love that little park and we had such a yummy lunch. After we finished eating, Jason and Bradley practice catch... while Calvin and I played by the slide.

I love this picture of Calvin.

The sun was out and shinning and we all felt stress-free. This is something I'm planning for our whole summer. Tomorrow, I'm going to get the summer box all set up and I can't wait! I love how motivated the boys get over that thing :)

Tomorrow night, Jason and I will pick our cruise trip for the family. I'm so excited to go on a cruise ride with the boys. It's going to be so much fun and yes... "RELAXING". Just what we need.

One last thing. Make sure you check out what's going on with Crate Paper this week. They have some really neat things planned.

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Ashly said...

LOVE that pict of your little man!! SO cute. I just have to say that your curls are BEAUTIFUL!! I do like you blonde though :) I thought Id leave a comment on the non scrappy stuff too

Pam Callaghan said...

Your boys look so old and cute!! love these pics!