8th Birthday Part 2

Sorry it took a couple extra days to post these part 2 photos.
We have been enjoying our summer and getting ready for Bradley to be baptized.

Following the theme of #8 we gave Bradley 8 gifts
1) Indiana Jones Wii
2) A radio/CD player
3) A mini Lego set
4) Blue sandals
5) A tennis racquet
6) Sun glasses
7) Disney Music CD
8) 60's greatest hits CD

Photobucket Then we took him to do 8 things :)

1) His very first summer swimming class
2) Laser Tag
3) Lunch at souplantation
4) California Science Center
5) Drive race cars
6) Do a water ride
7) Dinner at Ruby's 50's diner
8) Play his new Wii game


It was a perfect day of fun and laughter. Happy Birthday Bradley! We love you so much! I can't believe you are old enough to get Baptized :)

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Leslie said...

We are looking forward to being there for the big day...You're boy is getting way to grown up.

em-il-ie said...

Wow. You dropped a mint!
Can I be your kid turning 8?

scrapinbabygal said...

WOW!! You are some amazing parents for doing 8 things AND giving 8 presents. I do LOVE that idea!! I think I will do it with my son next year!! Wonderful photos- it seems he had a spectacular birthday. Sabrina

Cheryl Nelson said...

Fun! He looks so grown up here!