Happy 8th Bradley Part 1

On the 20th we celebrated Bradley's 8th birthday. I have no idea how he grew up so fast, but he did and boy oh boy... he is one cute kid!

I love him so much that I spoiled him BIG TIME on his birthday. I can't help it.... birthdays are my thing! I have so much to post about, so this is part one of two. Tomorrow I'll have more about what we did and what he got.


We started the morning with our tradition of pancakes. From the size of these pancakes you can see why I say "Birthdays are my thing" lol. I take the time to perfectly size each layer and then top it with whipped cream, M&M's and candles. My boys love this part so much!

Then we sang happy birthday and he blew out the candles. Bradley went right into stuffing his face with this yumminess and when he went to lick up the new whip cream I sprayed on, Jason decided to push his face in it. lol

Bradley decided to get him back. The first amount ended up on the floor and the next on Jason. I'm not big on food fights, but this was funny. Bradley got Jason back so good and he wasn't expecting it.


Happy Birthday Peanut!!!!!

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Gina Lideros said...

Wow, those pancakes look amazing. Great pics.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

What a fun idea for a cake! Can I pin this?

AnitaRex said...

WOW! This is such a great idea! I love it! You know what else it would be perfect for? The last day of school breakfast!

Cheryl Nelson said...

So fun! Happy Birthday to Bradley!

Shemaine Smith said...

oh my gosh that looks good!!! Happy Birthday Bradley!!!

Tessa Buys said...


pinkalishious said...

haha, thats fun, my boy loves pancakes, & that is a great idea for a birthday cake, who would think to do that, its good!!!

Vanessa Middleton said...

Ok, I'm the biggest sap EVER because I seriously teared up reading this. That pancake cake is such a cute idea and sweet tradition. Happy Birthday to your son, he's a handsome young man! <3