"Mommy, there's a Lego in my nose!"

I can honestly say... that these are the words a parent NEVER wants to hear. While getting some stuff done today for work on the computer, Calvin says to me "Mommy, there's a Lego in my nose!"

I did the worst thing possible and freaked out! I said "Are you telling me the truth???". Which is silly because the tears should have been evidence enough. So, I look up his nose and I can't see anything. Calvin is really crying at this point and I call Jason at work and say "I'm heading to the ER" because there's no way I could get it out and he was screaming at this point.

As we're heading out the door to the car, I think "wait... I don't have my camera!". I run back inside and 5 minutes later we are at the hospital.

We get to the ER and I get him checked in. At this time he has totally calmed down. I think he was really crying because my reaction was the WORST EVER! lol
All the nurses were in love with Calvin and he was really enjoying the attention.

10 minutes later, we are in a room and Jason arrives.

15 minutes later the doctor comes in and looks.


10 minutes later the O.R. (operation Doctor) comes in and looks (they were trying to decide how to take it out, because it was sooooooo far up there!). Calvin at this point wanted to scratch and pick at it really bad and so Jason rubbed Calvin's back to distract him. Calvin loves having his back scratched and rubbed.


After the doctors talked it over, they wrapped Calvin in a burrito blanket. I'm trying to keep my cool and Jason says "he's going to see it on your face, so calm down!". I'm not going to lie... I was freaking out! Calvin thought being wrapped like a burrito was funny, so he went along with it. I think if he knew that it was to help keep him down... he would have never gone for it!


I pull it together for Calvin and the doctor starts to get it out. Calvin HATED this part and it hurt him really bad, but THANK HEAVENS they got it out through his nose and not through his throat.

This is right after they got it out. His sad little face. I kissed him like crazy and wiped his sad little tears :(


Here is our Hero doctor!


And here is Calvin and hopefully his lesson learned face.


What I learned from this:
I learned to not freak out, because it only makes it worse. I learned that Calvin is 100% just like me and does foolish things. I learned that a tiny tiny Lego can go from 25 cents to a $100 Copay at the ER . Last, I knew I loved every part of Calvin, but now... I REALLY love Calvin's little nose!

Calvin, pretty please don't ever do this again! I love you and your little nose so much

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Tessa Buys said...

Okay, I am showing this to my boys so that they can vicariously learn this lesson! I just had to make them pick up all the legos because they had infiltrated every room of the house this afternoon. Poor Calvin! And Mom!

Laura Evangeline said...

OMG! I cannot help but laugh. I've been an ER medic for years, and I can't tell you how many times this same situation has happened with dozens of nostril-sized items. Why do kids do this?! LOL!

AnitaRex said...

Oh boy! I bet that was terrifying! Where do they come up with this? A few years ago when it was just my daughter I would have been like oh my gosh what in the world, now I have a boy and it doesn't even surprise me! Glad it came out through the nose! :>

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness. glad all is ok.

Shemaine Smith said...

Oh my goodness, didn't we have a conversation recently about this and I mentioned what my little brother did...LOL Poor Calvin. Give him a kiss for me and tell him I am proud of him being brave when they extracted the Lego!

scrapinbabygal said...

Oh no!! I couldn't help but chuckle a little and feel sympathy. Just a few weeks ago I was also on the computer when I heard a pouring sound into the toilet. I go running down the hallway to see my son holding my leave-in-conditioner spray. I ask him if he drank some and he said YES! I then proceeded to freak out and eventually called Poison Control. Luckily, it wasn't too serious, but still it is amazing what little ones do. I am so glad your little one is better. Have a good week!

Rebecca said...

Bless him, I'm sure he learnt his lesson his poor wee face at the end showed that, what an ordeal, this post was a great reminder for me to watch my youngest he is the sort to try this, my oldest boy one did it with a little fish shaped bead I did the same thing 'freaked out' we were lucky it hadn't gone up far so I closed of his other nostral and told him to blow hard and it shot out. Glad Calvin is ok :)

Fifi said...

27 years ago this was me, I was 5, but I did it twice in one day :)

My mum says she knows this was the day she knew I was going to be a scientist (now a university chemistry lecturer) because I had lined all of the pieces up in order of size and I was trying to work out which was the biggest piece that would fit in my nose and still come out again - to my 5 year old mind this made perfect sense :P

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

HAHA! Omg, i soo don't mean to laugh because I know that this was soo traumatizing for poor calvin and YOU! I'm so glad that they were able to get it out! I hope he never ever does this again! :(
It reminds me of my little sister. we had to take her to the ER a few times when she was little for shoving things up her nose, lol!!

Cheryl Nelson said...

So NOT fun! Poor guy!

Gina Lideros said...

oh wow, I cant imagine how scary that must have been. Glad Calvin is okay!

wendyp said...

LOL! sorry, but I had to laugh because I know I would have been freaking out too. Probably yelling something along the lines of "what were you thinking???" Glad all is ok now!

nancy said...

OH, Heidi! This made me laugh so hard... my favorite part is that you went back inside for the camera!

When I was around 3, I put a raisin up my nose. The moisture made it swell, and my parents had a nearly identical ER experience to yours. What is this urge kids have to stick things up their nose?! I guess we grow out of it. Hopefully.

KateB said...

OMG...OMG...those must be really small! I did laugh at the part where you had to go back to get your camera!

Leslie said...

This just proves more than ever how obsessed you are with scrapbooking! I told Adam to read your blog and he laughed so hard when we got to the "artistic picture of the doctor holding up the lego". Really Heidi!? JK. We laughed at poor Calvin but only because we know that now everything is just fine. Give him hugs from me!

Rebecca said...

oh my gosh poor guy! he definitely looks like he learned his lesson. what I think is hilarious is that us scrapbookers/bloggers will NEVER let our children forget these things lol. My son did the same thing a few years back and I blogged about it too! (http://www.myclutteredcorner.com/2009/08/why-legos-and-nostrils-just-dont-mix.html)

Trine Brandt-Lassen said...

Poor kid! How cool that you stayed calm enough to get the camera and document the whole thing. And poor mom for getting such a shock! Glad he's fine

melanie said...

Okay, it was so funny for me to read this this morning because last night my daughter told me that her nose hurt because there was something up there (she is 3) then she said she didn't know what or how it got there. So, I forget and we go to bed (yes i will win mother of the year award). This morning she says again, but says it is a little football from a shoe. So, I remember that my son's crocs had little ball decorations on them. We get a light and a pair of tweezers and sure enough, I can see it and I pull out a penny size rubber baseball (flat)! And I wonder why? But now I see it happens to all of us! (By the way, my oldest twice put a flintstone vitamin up her nose and my son when 3 had to have a pretzel removed by the ENT doctor!