I want to blog something...

but I'm not sure what!
Have you ever had this moment?

I have a lot to blog about, but nothing I really "want" to blog about. So, I guess I'll just share a lot of randomness.

Project 365 is going well
and if you go to my FB gallery you can see them all in full/with stories

2) I'm still hanging in there with my weight loss, but MR. Chocolate was my friend tonight ;) hehe

3) Today it was 76 degrees and it makes me LONG for summer! I'm a true bread California girl

4) I gave the boys hair cuts. I started doing it years ago to save money and just never stopped. Just call me multitasker mommy.

5) Bradley is loving his new bike and I love you Jason for teaching him and spending this time with him while you are on your school break. Thanks mom for finding this awesome deal at Target!

6) I can't wait to go shopping for CHA clothes. Oh so fun and I'm a few sizes smaller. woot!

7) Calvin told me "mommy, I love you" over and over again today and it melted my heart

8) I watch Prince of Persia and I'm sad to say... no bueno! But at least Jake is always delightful.

9) I miss my sister Tammy and her family more than ever! It was so good to see her/them for Christmas.

10) I burned 1,200 calories at the gym with Meagan Last Thursday. Now THAT was a kick butt work out! We are going again tonight.

Well that's it for now, so....
The end.

Oh wait...P.S. I'll have a lot of scrappy stuff very soon ;) CHA scrappy Stuff

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ashley.warner said...

so i may or may not have sent off a package to a Miss Heidi Sonboul yesterday via UPS loaded with Crate Paper Spring 2011 goodies...
I am so excited to see what you create with them! :)


Elisa K said...

Girl you are so busy... lol Are you going to CHA... If so I hope to see ya there.


nancy said...

Your 365's are gorgeous, Heidi! And 1200 calories?!! Holy crap that's a lot!

Leslie said...

Hey we are alike! Sometimes I have no idea what to blog about so I just ramble. About 1 day before you posted this, I post something very similar...we must be related or something!

Anonymous said...

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STAMPMOM9 said...

Hi Miss Heidi! Long time no talk...I just found your blog and always remember the days on SB.com when you inspired me so. I always love seeing the boys in Creating Keepsake and think of you. I know all about the weight thing I used to weigh 276 and now am down to 168, and everyday is a job to eat right...I too love fashion. You are doing awesome!! Take Care, Dawn
Love the post!