My twenty eleven word

So most of you have read that I have 3 main goals this new year.

1) I will learn to knit!
2) I will run a mile without being winded

This is how goal # 3 works.
Pick a word you want to work on for the whole year and try to perfect it. Place that word in your daily thoughts and think to yourself "will this help me accomplish...________?". For me I have decided to work on PEACE.

Last year I picked Patience and boy oh boy was that a challenge!
Calvin was feistier
My dad had open heart surgery (he is now doing great)
I didn't get on a team I really wanted
I had a really bad anxiety attack
The preschool lost Calvin
I went to work full time for GCD Studios
and way more.

However, every road I took last year taught me so much and I'm so happy I picked patience. I don't feel that I "mastered" it, but I respect it and understand now that I can't control everything. I learned that trying to have control over everything, makes you have no control at all! I learned that being patient with others helps me keep my cool for the small stuff.

So twenty eleven is here and the word is.... PEACE!
This year I hope to find true inner peace. I hope to have peace knowing that my boys will be okay (my biggest fear is to lose them). I hope to have a more peaceful home. I want to find peace in my daily scripture study. I want to invite peaceful friends into my life and pretty much any other ways I can find peace.

PICK A WORD and let it inspire you! Try to perfect it. Try and master it and it will change your life for the good!



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Cheryl Nelson said...

great idea Heidi! I hope you find the peace you are seeking!

Anonymous said...

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joanna said...

Heidi: your 2011 goals really resonate with me, especially #2. I'm curious about how you'll tackle this one. I've wanted to do this for a long time, realizing I am NOT a runner (I've walked 60 miles in a weekend, but can't run worth a darn). Will you start on a treadmill, then take it outside? Would love to track your progress and compare notes.