a mouth full

I've been wanting to blog about this for about a week now, but life has gotten the best of me. Jason stayed home from work about a week ago, because he didn't feel well. Then 1 day later Calvin came down with a nasty flu and threw up. That went on for about 3 days and just when I thought Bradley missed the sick boat... Last night he also threw up right before bed. Then around 1am this morning he came up to my bedside and said "Mommy, I need your help". I jump up because I knew what it meant. I went into his room and there it was... the crime scene!

At that moment I began to rethink motherhood, because what use to be a cute boys room, now smelt like a vomit factory. I start gagging and called for Jason. Normally I'm really tough with stuff like this, but what can I say... "I HAD A WEAK MOMENT"! I think it was because Bradley had hot dogs for dinner and well... you could tell. DUDE IT WAS NASTY being that I'm a vegetarian!

When Bradley woke up (around 1am) he sat up and threw up all down the side of his bed and ummm... he has the top bunk bed. Which means it was everywhere. If you are feeling sick hearing this, trust me, being there was WAY WORSE! I was almost in tears because I just washed all the blankets 3 days early because of Calvin. Isn't that so like motherhood?! You clean something up and 10 mins later it's nasty dirty again?! Can I get an amen?!

Anyways, so if you were wondering why I've been MIA from posting, THIS is the reason why. MOTHERHOOD!

So, back to the reason why I'm posting and to wash away all the nasty info from your brains.

I bought this adorable little house about a month ago and was so excited to put it to uses. I found it at Kohls and it was about $20. I came up with a lot of little fun things to do and this month I'll be posting about them.

To start off the month we got our tree, decorated it and started watching Christmas movies (a new movie for each day). We have Netflix so it works out perfectly if you time it right.
And about this photo, I have no idea what these two where talking about, but I love that Calvin thought Bradley was so funny. I love knowing that they have each other as a best friend. This makes Motherhood worth it and yes... even on those nasty throw up nights.

phew! that was a mouth full and another post is done. I'll be back with more fun stuff for this month and I promise no more sick kid stories.

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Lesley from WI said...

I love your little house. I am so sorry about the sickness going through your house. I am an instant gagger and when people throw up, I join them. I really sympathize with you. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Kathy Martin said...

Good to see you all enjoying your holidays! Your tree is so beautiful! :)

Lauren said...

Oh no! I'm sorry about all your vomits :-P Have you tried Airborne? If they can drink it slowly, (and keep it down,) Airborne has always helped me feel better during an illness.

Lovely photos - I love all your decorations :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever open up number 15...