Sunset on a yacht

Yesterday Jason and I went on a date...
to celebrate his 10 years at EnterPrise-Rent-a-Car. When ever people find out Jason works there, we get asked the same two questions over and over again.

1st) "oh, so he rents cars to other people?!".
The answer to that is "no". He is one of their main computer
guys for Southern Cali and does a ton of programing for the

2nd) "can he get me a discount on a rental car??"
The answer is also "NO!". Well, he can for our siblings, parents
and us. It's a sweet hook up :)

Anyways, back to the post.
We drove to Newport Beach(ca), which is about 40 minutes from our home. The yacht was BEAUTIFUL! They welcomed us with yummy drinks (all non alcoholic for Jason and I, but almost everyone else took advantage of it and a few people got smashed, because of the open bar).

There were about 130 people on the yacht, but because it was so big we enjoyed a lot of alone time.

I think this was a local school team? but I'm not sure. It was fun seeing them and now I want to get on their team. It looks like so much fun.


Behind us is where they filmed part of gilligan's island
We got to hang out with his friend/co-worker. I just LOVE ERIN! She is such a smart girl and so lovely! We laughed and talked up the night.
Erin and I are both spazzes about our food, so that was nice at dinner time, while Jason and everyone else chowed down on fish...yuck!
BUT these little babies were a highlight for us ;)
I got some great pictures of the night sky. It was such a beautiful night.
Letter to Jason:
I'm so proud of you! You are such a hard worker and it shows. Our boys look up to you because you are totally fun and loving to them, but more so because you are a GREAT and hard working man for your family. I know I get crazy about the silliest little things (like towels being folded right)... but I think you are sooo amazing and it's why I married you almost 10 years ago. You are our HERO and thanks for proving it to us each and everyday!

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KateB said...

very very very nice...and to get away for grownup time with some romance in is so much fun!

Leslie said...

Love the hair!!!!!!!!! You are bold!!!

Cheryl Nelson said...

What a fabulous time and great photos!

Renee77 said...

Love the new hair color! Congrats to the Hubby for being such a great Dad and on the years of service!!!