6.5 miles

The question of today is... "Are we crazy?"

About 2 weeks ago my little family (Jason, Bradley, Calvin and I) set a goal. This month is Pioneer month for our church and we decided that our family would walk from our home to my parents home. That is 6.5 miles.

We are doing it so that we come to appreciate what the pioneers went through for us and our beliefs. We think it's going to take about 3 hours, because there will be no strollers and just our feet.

Jason and I are planning snacks and fun things to do along the way, so the boys don't kill each other.

I will report back maybe tomorrow with pictures :)
Cross your fingers for us and off we go!

PS here is a layout I made for Bella Blvds booth at CHA 2010 summer show. You can see it on the wall here


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Shere said...

It's crazy cool and sounds like fun!