Lost Photos

A few days ago I was looking in an old folder (on my hard drive) and I found these old photos of my spirited Calvin. Somehow I forgot all about them and wanted to scrapbook them right away.

so I went to work and made this layout:

Have you ever lost a photo?
I had a friend once lose ALL her photos on a hard drive and the thought of that makes me so sad. I feel so blessed to have a hubby who teaches me computer "stuff", so that won't happen to our family.


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Cheryl Nelson said...

so cute and fun!! Glad you found these!

Amy Heller said...

LOVE this layout Heidi! AND I LOVE your Snow Day LO on the Crate Blog! Yes, back up photos is a good thing - I have a b/u hard drive and I am starting to put everything into online photo storage as a double back up. I can't imagine losing it all - I have like 30K pictures!

Lucy Edson said...

I love pulling out those old photos and the memories that go with them, Heidi!! Love the lattice design!

nerllybird said...

I had a photo taken when I was in my early 20s, of me at Glastonbury. There are very few photos of me at that age, and I kept it inside an old filofax. After my kids' dad left, I discovered it had gone. I can only assume he took it with him, but I wish he hadn't, I really miss that photo.