Summer box Week 2

I'm so HAPPY many of you love this idea and are now doing it with your kids this summer :)

this past week we had many fun things going on in the Sonboul home.

Bradley pulled the "Camp Out" card

and we had an awesome Camp Out on our home Balcony.
We watched a movie with Jason's Laptop and enjoyed many yummy snacks. It was fun hearing all our neighbors say "Are they putting a tent up?" haha

Here are a few picture from it:

This past week we also did:
- Glass window art pack
- New water gun (and had a water fight)
- New small LEGO sets for both the boys
- Bradley went on a Slurpee date with Daddy (Daddy said "It's a hang out time... not a date")
- And an awesome Detective kit for Calvin

I almost forgot to tell you too. We don't pull bags for points on the weekend, because those are family days :) So bags get pulled Monday- Friday.

Well, that's it for today. Happy Summer Tuesday!

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