Last Friday was a BIG DEAL for the Sonboul home/Bradley.
Bradley is now 7 and he got his VERY first library card!!!
When Jason and I first had Bradley, we set age limits for a lot of things.
For Bradley, I wanted him to enjoy and respect that "he was lucky to have a library card". So, when he turned "Seven in the Summer" I would take him to get his own library card :)


(Maybe some of you think I'm a dork for having him wait so long, but I can't tell you... how MAD I get when I see kids disrespecting Library books. I HATE seeing them on the floor and then getting ripped! Children's books are such a gift and help their little minds grow.)

He was soooo EXCITED about this moment and signed his little name proudly.


You are one cool kid and I'm so proud of you and who you are becoming!

With your very first card visit, you checked out:

And you read them all!

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Cheryl Nelson said...

A very big deal indeed!! Congrats to Bradley on his very first library card...I know it will bring him so many hours of enjoyment!!

LollyChops said...

That is so sweet... I think you are doing good by teaching him respect and value in things like this!

Big HUGS Heidi!

Cynthia B. said...

I think this is awesome! My daughter has had a library card since she was a toddler, because of her big brother. But she's really come to appreciate it now that we let her "reserve" books and see what books are coming to HER account.
Great job, Bradley, on reading all those books! May you always enjoy reading. :)

Grace Tolman said...

I think it's very smart of you to wait. Marcus doesn't even have his own library card and he's seven too. Great pics.