Schools out for Summer!

I can't get over that "today" was Bradley's last day of 1st grade!
Today, he said goodbye to all his friends and cleaned out his desk.
He gave Mrs. Hyon a hug and we walked home.


Tomorrow, we will take Bradley to buy the Wii. A much deserved gift for working so hard in class and getting good grades


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Jason said...

Way to go Bradley!! I love you so much. I have really enjoyed your journey through 1st grade.

Way to go Heidi for helping him this whole year with his homework, projects, and everything he brought home. Plus all you did for his class. You are truly a Mom's mom. I Love you.

Cheryl Nelson said...

hooray for Bradley!!

Leslie said...

I wish I lived close by too but I'm sure with your crafting abilities, you will do just fine with your cake. Tell Bradley congrats on finishing first grade. When we come to visit we will have to play the Wii with him ;)