What's on my mind....

-My dad is home and recovering. He broke the hospital record and left 2 days after the operation
-3 layouts I need to mail out to CK today
-Finish all my Anna Griffin HSN assignments by tomorrow
-Finish another assignment for CK using GCD stuff
-Post about my Oregon trip, but that will come tomorrow
-Take a shower
-Get the boys off to school. Tomorrow is their last day...WOOT!
-Blog about our summer box
-My two weeks vacation I'm about to take
-Bradley and Calvin's birthday party this weekend
-Bradley and Calvin's cake and wishing Leslie lived close by
-I made it into the next round of SYTYC
-My next project due for SYTYC
-CHA work for Bella Blvd. Their new releases are soooooo CUTE!!!!!
-The ice cream in my freezer ;)
-and this layout I made

Thanks for all your loving warm wishes for my dad

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Cheryl Nelson said...

Such a fab lo! So happy to hear your dad is doing so remarkably! Good luck with all the things on your list!

JadeCook said...

I like how one of your things to do is ice cream in freezer! The LO is so cute! I love the usa map!

Kimmie said...

Awww... I didn't get to see your LO before it got taken down. :o( I'm sure it's fab!

So glad that your dad gets to have the rest of his recovery at home... I'm sure it will go a lot quicker that way. Thanks so much for keeping us updated about him! :o)

Keshka said...

Love the photo! So glad to hear your dad is doing well:)