Motherhood at its finest

Today, I am gearing up for the boys birthday party.
-the entertainment is booked
-the invites are all out
-by tonight all the items will be packed up in the car
-and today I'm making the cake.


I've never been one to do a "1/2 job". I love going above and WAY beyond lol
I love kids parties! I love the themes and all the smiling faces!

Tomorrow I will be at the park crazy early, to meet the tent guys and to decorate. I can't wait for the boys to show up and to be amazed.

This will be the best party ever :)

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Cheryl Nelson said...

You all have fun!!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Oh Heidi, They are going to be over-the-moon excited about that party! All you hard work will pay off the moment you see the looks on their faces!!

(-: Heidi