CELEBRATE with Crate Paper :)

This past month, I have been helping out with crate paper and I'm loving it! :)
Today, we have a FUN GAME for you to play along with.

Somewhere on my blog I have posted this blinkie.


It's hidden pretty hard, BUT THE prize is SUPER SWEET! Each DT gal has the same blinkie hidden on their blogs and the first person to find them all and email Crate paper (to go the Crate paper blog for more info) will win an Ipod! YEP...AN IPOD!

Here is a layout I made for fun, to celebrate National Scrapbooking day. I love this hobby so much!
Have fun and good luck!

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Victoria S. said...
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Victoria S. said...

Sorry too many typos- let me try again...
where was it b/c i spent at least an hour trying to find yours and could not -very sad... I looked at every LO and many, many posts and all of your links i could get into. Just curious now because you stumped me.

Queen of Paper said...

it was here


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Looooooove this layout Heidi!