Our family almost doubled in size

I'm so excited to join the Crate Paper team for a few months. I just love their papers and the texture! This year they came out with 3 new collections and I all them all!
Here is a layout I created with them.


about a month ago our family almost doubled in size. Jason and I decided to take in these 2 little hamsters. Their names are Marshmallow and Dusty.

I love these little guys, BUT MAN DO THEY SMELL! How can something be so cute and smell so bad???!

My tip of the day: If you have pets that smell, buy this for the room their in and it helps...Thank Heavens!

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Cheryl Nelson said...

completely fabulous lo!! Lovin' the colors! They may be smelly, but they sure are ADORABLE!! Love your sweet little critters!

Frances said...

LOVE that layout...have fun with your critters! They are too cute.

Windy Robinson said...

Gorgeous layout Heidi! You are a brave woman taking on 2 hamsters... personally, my fam will be sticking to the Zhu, Zhu pets:)

~Lori Roop (loree2000 SCS) said...

I love your l/o! Beautiful!
The hammies are cute. But I will let you keep them! :)

Leslie said...

So I love the post about your laundry! I want to see Jason next to it. Laundry is my very least favorite toy...As far as something so cute smelling so bad, I get it! I have an adorable baby girl who has constant BLOW OUTS!
I also love the picture of you and Peny. So sweet.

Jen said...

Long time blog reader (love your scrapbook layouts!), first time blog commenter here...I love your layout! It's lovely. And I totally know where you're coming from about hamster smell. We ended up with my sister's hamster when she went off to college. My son loves her, but man, Mo smells! I clean out her cage every 3 days or so.