Get our elbows dirty!

Today is Bradley's first day of Spring break. I'm overjoyed to have this week with him and not having to rush him off to school. I'm excited that he and Calvin can be buddies all day long.

Today and tomorrow we will be spring cleaning the whole 2 days! We are cleaning out closets, scrubbing floors and everything in between. I've been so busy working in the scrapbook world, Bradley's school and being a mommy to Calvin.... that our home has gotten "way out of control". SO, I'm now taking back our clean and good smelling home and getting our elbows dirty! It's funny because I'm actually excited to clean! On Saturday I bought a bunch of cleaning supplies for it.

Yesterday was Easter and we had a great day. Many of you heard that we had an earthquake in California and yes we are fine. It was a 4.2 (I think). I grew up with them, so they don't bother me. Lucky girl right?!

Anyways, we went to my mom and dads and had a great time visiting family. So, here are a LOT of photos from the day (at Tammy's request...a.k.a. my sister)

This year Jason, Jon (my brother) and I, started a new funny tradition. While hiding the eggs for the hunt, I threw an egg at my brother (just to be funny) and it busted open. The candy went all over the ground and got dirty. So I told Jon to fill it with dirt! Jason, Jon and I all laughed as Jason and Jon hid it.

Brian found the egg and thought it was funny.

Every year my mom puts money in the eggs and Abby collected the most money... almost $7. sweet!

Spencer didn't waist time and started to eat the candy right away :)

As well as Calvin
Once the egg hunt was over, I took pictures of the girls



Nana (a.k.a. mom), Penny (my sister), and Emmy

Me and Penny

It was a GREAT day! I love my family!!!
We also celebrated Emily's 16th birthday. It was neat that her birthday fell on Easter this year.
Happy birthday doll! WE LOVE YOU!
I hope you all had a GREAT Easter or Pass over.
I know we did... even with the earthquake ;)

PS... here is a new layout using Cosmo Cricket

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Sarah Mullanix said...

The photos are wonderful and it looks like you all had a fabulous Easter weekend...also, I LOVE the LO and all the yummy pattern paper.


Leslie said...

Love the pictures. Your family picture looks great. It makes me wish we could have been there for Easter since it was such a celebration.

Cheryl Nelson said...

So glad you had a fabulous Easter in spite of the earthquake! LOVE the pics and the lo!! What a great looking family! Have fun cleaning...I plan on doing that this week as well.

piradee talvanna said...

Hi Heidi,

your photos are gorgeous and definitley looks as thou you guys had a great time. i'm sorry to bug you on your blog but would appreciate any updates you have on the GCD prize... very confused.

Jingle said...

It looks like you had a great time! That layout is wonderful!

Frances said...

Beautiful pics!!

scrappermimi said...

Looks like a gorgeous day and holiday! Love that dirt egg...great idea! Rocking the Cosmo you are!

Jill Cassity said...

omg i love all of your easter photos it looks like you had a wonderful holiday!! The family photo is BEAUTIFUL too i cannot wait to see how you scrap it!
I'm glad to hear you're okay-- im used to earthquakes too growing up in alaska. i actually kind of miss them, they were exciting! lol.
i love your new layout!!
I hope you got your spring cleaning done!! :)