"Mommy, I want to give the girls flowers, because they like that".

the winner of the paper pack is...

Lexi said...
Poor guy!! I was a dental hygienist before I become a stay at home momma to 2 boys so I know those braces can b tough the first few days. It will get better and b so worth It!! That paper pack looks super cute :)

February 11, 2010 8:04 PM

Send me your info at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com
As promised... here is a layout I created with the paper kit (by 3 bugs in a rug). I love the letter stickers! so cute!

It was 2 days before Bradley's Valentines Day class party... when he said "Mommy, I want to give the girls flowers, because they like that". So I took him to costco and he picked these out. He also gave the boys silly glasses. They were a hit!

As if I'm not busy enough lol... I decided to invite over 5 of Bradley and Calvin's cousins to scrap, watch movies, play games and sleep. We had a blast hanging out with family. Thanks Amber, Abbie, Spencer, Brian, and Andrea for coming over.

On Saturday I took these photos :)

I also got a few photos of my Brother and his new little family. Adam NEVER takes pictures so... THANKS ADAM for being a good sport!


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janis said...

beautiful photos you have here heidi!!! (sticks a post it note to forehead: flowers and silly glasses as vday gift ideas to dd's classmates!!!!) ;o)

~~Mia~~ said...

oh man, i love that so much, what a sweet sweet boy! i love that you bought all the girls in the class flowers!!! you are fabulous!

Vanessa said...

This layout is adorable - and your little boy knows exactly what girls want already! So sweet!

Lexi said...

Sounds like u have a little Romeo on ur hands ;) and I am so excited to see my comment! Will b emailing u my info. Thanks so much!!