I found his calling

My little Calvin is a ball of energy :) which I love! however... for a while now I've been worried "the world" would title him "Out of control or just crazy". He is a sweet little guy that is VERY smart and full of energy, which leads him to doing things he shouldn't be doing!

When we moved into our new little home (two weeks ago)... I notice there was a gymnastics building in walking distance. A few days later I walked over to find out more about their classes.

To my surprise... I finally found something for him, to channel his energy in a positive way :)
I signed him up right away and this past Monday I took him to his first class. He LOVED the class and didn't want to leave. He LOVED knowing that this was just for him and no one else (i.e. Bradley)

There are only two kids in this class. He and another little girl.

Calvin has no fear! NO FEAR! The teacher noticed this and said that "He is going to do great in this class. You need to be fearless when it comes to flips"

Most people know that gymnast people are "happy go lucky... hyper people" right?!
During the class... his teach said "What did you give him for breakfast?"
and I responded... " No, this is how he always is...Breakfast or not"
Teach... "oh, well lets burn off some of this energy"


Everything the teacher asked him to do, he did it perfectly and with great balance.

After the class was over I walked Calvin to the ice cream shop and we enjoyed our little walk home.

Calvin: "Mommy, I go back to nastics tomorrow?"
Mommy: "No, we go back in every monday"
Calvin: "I like Monday and I like class. I like this ice cream too" :)

The teacher did a great job with Calvin. When we got home, Calvin went down for a nap so easy and he slept for 2 hours! I can't believe it!

I'm so happy I found something for him and that he LOVES it!!!

I love you Calvin!

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Jason said...

Those pictures just warm my heart and bring a great big smile to my face.

Thank you for taking those pictures so I could share the moment even though I wasn't actually there.

Emilie Ahern said...

These pictures are PRICELESS!
He looks so athletic and capable.
It's easy to see he is a natural!

cheryln said...

so fun!!

*reyanna klein* said...

Yay!!! I LOVE that he's in gymnastics! So awesome! Looks like he loves it, which is SO cool. :D