Did your feet grow after having babies???

Before I had Bradley and Calvin... my feet were a size 8 :) and now they are a size 9 and sometimes a 9 1/2! I've heard that this happens after having babies, but I didn't believe it until now.

Last Friday while Bradley was in school, I went with Calvin and Jason to the mail and I bought these!
I'm so in love with these shoes! I love the crazy colors and wood hill ;)

I also bought this! I love new sweaters for Fall and winter :) It's sooooo soft!

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Emilie Ahern said...

My feet totally grew.
It's because the pressure on your feet and spine make your arch fall, thus lengthening your foot.

And I love you so much, but I think those shoes are oooooog-lay! I'm sure you will find a way to rock them though!


em said...

This post cracks me up because I was *just* telling my husband last night that my feet are too big now, and I need new shoes!!

Queen of Paper said...

lol you are too funny Emilie! I think Jason hates them too, but lol something about them calls my name! I love you crazy shoes!

sarah said...

i love crazy shoes too!!! LOVE them! :)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

No kids for me yet so I can't speak from experience, BUT, my mom tells me her feet grew a half size with each of her three children!

HeatherC said...

Yep, with my last one. They grew at least a 1/2 a size. Totally not fair!

At least you found some rockin' shoes in your size. Love them!

Leslie said...

So far so good because all of my shoes still fit :) But...this is just baby #1 so maybe my luck will run out. What I'm more worried about is that I will never see some of my favorite jeans on my body again.

P.S. Don't listen to Emilie, she has no taste!

Kristin said...

Totally happened to me too! That wonderful hormone that allows your hips to relax so you can birth your child does the same thing to your feet, hence the increase in size.

A wonderful excuse though to buy new shoes. :-)

Karen said...

mine grew a whole size, i think it was a 1/2 size for each of my girls!
now my youngest dd can wear one of my favorite shoes that i wore in the 80's!
check here: http://karenmclaughlin.blogspot.com/2009/06/their-third-time-around.html

Sue said...

I adore these shoes! MUST...HAVE...THEM!!! LOL

And yep..my feet went up a size after each son! YIKES!