movie + visits + a card = today

When Bolt come out in the theaters, Jason and I took the boys to see it. We 100% LOVED THIS MOVIE! We laughed and we created a new memory with our boys.

On the way out of the AMC Theater, we had this conversation...

Bradley: Mommy, when can I see that again? I really like it!
Me: Well, not until it comes out on DVD.
Bradley: On man!

About a week ago Bolt come out on DVD and when I told Bradley about it, he did this funny little happy dance.

Me: Bradley, guess what came out today?
Bradley: What... is it.... Bolt? (with hope in his voice)
Me: YES!

Later that day, I was talking to my mom (on the phone) and told her about Bradley being in love with this movie. Then about 3 hours later the phone rings and it was Nana and Pappy (My mom and dad) at the front gate.

When they came inside they surprised Bradley with the movie and we had a fun little visit! Thanks mom and dad for loving my boys! Thanks for going out of the way to make my boys' day so great!
Something Crafty:
About 3 days ago I made this fun little card, using lots of Piggy Tales goodies. I love this line of paper. It's so perfect for my boys. It's called "Tortoise and the hare"

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Emilie Ahern said...

That card is amazing!
I also LOVE the photo of Bradley holding the tickets.
You're a genius.

Kristin said...

My son is obsessed with this movie too! We just got the DVD too and he wants to watch it everyday! We've discussed that I will get in trouble with the Mommy Club if I let him watch too much TV. So far, so good!

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

Awww....just like kids and grandparents! lol

What a perfect boy card! KYUTE! Is it a slider?

Laura said...

Funny, my little man and my hubby were watching a scene online, from that movie last night! It really does look cute! And I LOVE that card! I have totally missed out on that paper - I must have some! :)