A sweet memory

As I was looking over some photos of my boys this weekend, I remember a conversation I had with my Grandmother a long time ago (I was 16).

This took place over the phone

Grandma: Hello baby
Me: Grandma, why do you still call me a baby?
Grandma: ya know Heidi, it doesn't matter how old you get to me... you'll still be my sweet baby
Me: I like that Grandma
Grandma: Baby, I'll love you always!

Sadly in 2004 she pasted away, but I will always keep something she taught me in my heart....

these two will always be my sweet babies. I love you boys with all my heart!

I miss you Grandma XO

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Jenn said...

This made me miss my grandma :( Aren't grandmas the best!?

Jason said...

That made me tear up just a little. Thank you for sharing.

Elisa K said...

Heidi thanks for sharing a bit of you with all of us... Totally missing my grandma although she hasn't departed I haven't got to see her in years cuz we live so far away...

Elisa K

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

Memories can be so blessed. What a loving memory you have of your grandmother! Mine has passed on too...but there are things in life that cause me to think of her often!