watch out for the CRAZY ducks!

I took the boys to feed the ducks the other day. This is something we love to do. It's an easy was to get rid of old bread and cheep entrainment.

For some reason the ducks were extra HUNGRY this day and it went from a fun experience to... RUN FROM THE DUCKS! I think this photo says it all lol.
Calvin was in his stroller and one duck had it's head almost in his lap. LOL As for Bradley, he would drop the bread at his feet, so the ducks were going for his toes.

The lesson for this day is beware of HUNGRY DUCKS!

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Lana Rappette, Owner & Artist said...

Thank you for the posts!! I didn't see them till just now! I'm slowly getting this new blog up to speed and I hadn't forwarded notices! AH! of all things I want to know when comments are posted!! Sheesh LOL

Will keep in touch!

Emilie Ahern said...

That second picture scared the crap out of me.
That duck is out for blood.

Shemaine said...

Those ducks look pretty menacing!I saw your layout in Creating Keepsakes when I got my current issue in the mail yesterday. Bravo for you girl!!