Secret Santa List

Okay, if you are thinking about doing the secret Santa follow along

here is the list

day1- One LARGE cookie
day 2- Two bags of microwave pop corn
day3- Three printed out Christmas carols
day4- Four paged mini album
day5- Five scrappy ornaments
day6- Six small .99 cent store toys
day7- Seven yummy Oranges
day8- Eight hot chocolates
day9- Nine love notes (to stick in their grass. There on shish-ka-bob sticks)
day10- Ten reasons for the season, wall hanging
day11- Eleven small Cinnamon rolls (or something warm to eat Christmas eve)
day12- Twelve random things

Starting on the 14th I'm going to post what I did for our family, sketches for cards/projects and recipes I used.

I hope you all have fun with this idea and it brings you great memories.

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Sasha said...

Wassup my sweet angel in disguise..what it do boo. Just thinking of you and miss ya. Ima call ya when I get back settled in, I been a traveling fool. How things on your end.