Almost 1/2 way to 70!

Yesterday (Nov 10th) was my Jason's 34th birthday. It was a perfect day of Breakfast in bed(our family tradition), playing at the park, gifts, phone calls by family and friends wishing him a Happy DAY, yummy In-N-Out for dinner and a Fun cake I made.

I love this photo because Jason covered Calvin's mouth... so he won't blow out the candle for him.
These 3 photos are to show how much he ate for Breakfast. lol He was so full at the end.

And finally we have the cake I made. Ya know, I've made a lot of cakes in my days, but this simple little cake is by far... the funnest (if you ask me)!

Once Jason blew out the candles he said "I want me". After cutting off the 'Jason' body from the cake, he had the best time playing with it.

Happy Birthday Jason, I hope all your "Dreams and Aspirations" come true! We love you Daddy!

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Kristie Bentley said...

Those are THE CUTEST pics!!! I had to LOL at the pic of your DH gobbling his...er...self. LOL! Hope you had a great b-day Jason!

Sasha said...

hee hee love it girl that cake was too cute, and love that breakfast, that was about 35 WW points for me and I would have devoured it LOL..I will call you this week .. I got your message..

love ya

Stacey said...

Ohhhh I LOVE that cake!!! How cute! What fabulous pictures girl! Happy Birthday Jason!

Aimee said...

cute cake! I luuurve it! What a hilarious idea. you rock.

Linn said...

sooo cute cake :)

Shemaine said...

That is the greatest cake ever! you are totally creative!!!

Jill Deiling said...

hahaaa i love the pics!! Love jason's cakes, youre so creative! :D Happy birthday to him!!