Do you love SODA???

If you love Soda I've got the place for you (if visiting California)

Later Friday night Jason and I were about to turn off the TV when we stopped to watch the last few minutes of Huell Howser "California's Gold" (it's a guy visiting shops and lands all over Cali and he is super funny). The show was all about this Soda store that carried every kind of soda and old kind you could think of. Cucumber soda, Rose soda, chocolate soda, mint julep, fancy french berry lemonade, Mason's root beer, Hanks orange cream soda (SOOO GOOD THIS ONE), Pennsylvania punch and some blue frostie cream soda (Bradley picked out only because of the color!).

After only one visit we are BIG TIME HOOKED! If you long to visit this place the next time your in Cali (maybe at CHA?) here is the info.

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

5702 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90042

their site to view all the sodas

and now for the two winners :) Don't forget to email me @ queenofpaper@gmail.com
Mary (you get the hearts)
Jenn (you get the beloved keepsakes )

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ania said...

Oh this looks like lots of fun! :D Would love to walk around in htere just for fun :D

mae mae said...

That looks like such an awesome place! We're definitely going to have to check it out!


Aimee said...

wow, FUUUUN! looks fantastic!

pammy jo said...

you are right - Hank's is sooo goooood! the snack'n'pack in Butler has it, too :)

Shemaine said...

I love cherry limeade! i will have to check this out! I live in Westchester!!