I want to live in a Pottery Barn magaine

Today I got my new Pottery Barn magazine and wow talk about drooling! Maybe pottery barn isn't your thing, but lets just say if I could pick room by room for my little family it would look like this.

Our room

The boys room

Front room

Bath room

My scrap room

The play room


Dinning room

and even a fun new toy for the boys to play with LOL

Yes, someday I long for our home to look just like this. OH... Pottery Barn I LOVE YOU!

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Delaney Gates said...

I LOVE Pottery Barn too! (Especially their children's room designs!) Thanks for tagging me! Made my day. :) Also, I just noticed on your sidebar that you work for Anna Griffin! Holy cow woman- that's my dream job! :) You're so lucky! Will you post some projects? (If you're able to!)

Amy Hummel said...

Well, you saw the wall unit in Calvin's room... It's totally from Pottery Barn. And I painted the girls room straight out of a Pottery Barn Baby Catalog. And most of the paint in my house is from the Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Collection. LOL!

Ruth Ferguson said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG and pottery barn. Disappointed that when I tried to add your blog to google reader it says no regular feed. if anyone can help me please email me at info4ruth@aol.com