Heidi's Blog choice awards

I was picked by my dear friend Wendy R http://scrappydayinparadise.blogspot.com/
as one of her favorite blogs and to spread the love and joy, here are my 5 favorite blogs. These 5 women make me want to work hard so I can be like them. They amaze me every time I see there blogs!

Joy ( I love how she scraps and the way her mind thinks with paper)

Emilie ( I love that she shares her ups and downs in life. so personal)

Amy ( I love her photography and her out look on things)

Danielle (she is a crafty queen and I long to be cool like here!)

Delaney ( this chick has CRAZY AWESOME STYLE! she is a walking magazine!)

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1 comment:

Amy Hummel said...

Thanks for adding me to your list of faves!!! ...and FYI your blog is awesome too!