The Cuppett family reunion is a go!

For most of you might not care for this post, but with that let me just say... it's been a long time when we (my family) all got together. I find the bigger our family gets, the harder it gets to keep them all together!

Today we picked my sister Tamatha and her 5 children up from the train station. It was fun because I've never been to the L.A. train station before. The buildings architecture was amazing (being that it was build so long ago)!

This family reunion was all by luck. My sister Tamatha decided to come and visit Cali and when my other 3 sibling got wind of it, they headed down with their families from UT. Mom and Dad and Jon's family still live here. so
Penny, Scott, Emily, Amber, Abbie, Spencer, Tamatha (Guido couldn't come. He had to work :( ) , Priscila, Frankie, Alicia, Savannah, Hunter, Jon, Celeste, George, Andrea, Brian, Rob, Erin, Hailey, Dylan, Adam, Me, Jason, Bradley, Calvin, Mom and Dad are all finally together again. All together we are 28 fun people, ready to party!

I'll post more picture of it later ;)

PS I go tmy new Memory Makers issue and I'm on
page 25 (title: 25 miile)

58(title: Vegetarian)

AND 69 (title: one perfect 26th Birthday). AND YES, that is me in the shower LOL!

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