Getting back to normal

Getting back to normal can be a hard thing to do after such a perfect weekend.
Friday- Calvin turned 2 and we had the slip and slide party.

Saturday- We did the breakfast tradition for Calvin, we played with the new toys, I went out with Meagan (my BFF) to the Olive Garden, Jason, the boys and I all went shopping and Jason and I ended the night with a movie
Sunday we had a perfect Sabbath day filled with church music, being on time time to church, lessons that went well for Jason and I both and then dinner and games with the Horrocks (later that night).
Oh and for the first time every Bradley and Calvin both slept in until 8:47 ( This morning)! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT! They ALWAYS get up at 6:30/7 am!

Yep- we had a perfect weekend of fun, friends and food (my 3 favorite F words)! Lets hope this week will be just as great.

Happy Monday everyone.

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Emilie Ahern said...

Those pancakes look delish!

And what an amazing photo of the race track. It's just complete perfection.

When I grow up can I take pictures just like you???

Estee said...

I just had to comment on that picture of Calvin! He looks absolutely adorable!!! Happy Birthday, Calvin! :)

Amy Hummel said...

Cool pictures! I think I may go eat some pancakes for breakfast now.