So this last month has been this long run around with Sprint. SUCH A LONG RUNAROUND!
First it all start 9 months ago when Jason's phone started to overheat and then the battery wouldn't hold the charge. We took it in to fix it and only 3 weeks later it did it again. Then this past month I wanted to cancel our plan and go somewhere else, so I called and I got a guy that said "I'll send your hubby a new phone . Will that keep you both with sprint?" so I say sure. We get the new phone and it's the kind of phone that if you drop it, it will break! I let it go UNTIL my phone was turned off!! yep- that's right... TURNED OFF! The same guy that offered to replace Jason's phone put a cancel on my phone.
I called back mad and the lady I was talking to said " I'm so sorry and understand why you would be mad, listen I'll send you and your hubby 2 new phones" I got the Katana lx and Jason (to replace the lame phone we just got) a M300. I leave feeling great and Sprint isn't so bad AND THEN... Jason calls an said " I just checked out our account online and it says they added another year to our contract for the new phones". So I call them AGAIN and this time I told them... "Listen I'm not trying to come down on you all, but this is a joke! I want this fixed now or I'm coming down there with a poster in my hand that says 'I HATE SPRINT'" LOL yep - I was that mad! finally they fixed the year issue and gave us free minutes starting at 6pm and not 7pm.
Yuck- I'm so drained and hate having to deal with stuff like this! so if you are thinking about getting a new cell phone and Sprint is on that list... keep in mind that their service .... is not the best! Anyone else out there having problems with them?

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Emilie Ahern said...

I used to WORK for them and I finally quit...twice! They suck.

Verizon is the only way to go.

Amy Hummel said...

I LOVE my verizon service!