Happy Birthday Calvin

On the 25th (yesterday) Calvin turned 2. I can't believe I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old. CRAZY, but I love every second of it!

So yesterday I decided we should have a party at the last minute. It started with me saying Let's have one on Saturday (the 26th) and let's have it at Nana's house, but when I called my mom she said "Can we have it tonight because tomorrow will be busy". It was going to be a small party of Nana and Pappy and my sister and her family who are visiting, but once I got off the phone Bradley said " Can Jacob, Thomas and Thatcher come?" (We were combining Bradley's late party and Calvin's now party as one) So I said "OK".

By 2pm we had a long list of friends coming at the last minute. I can't tell you how blessed we are with our friends. SUCH AMAZING FRIENDS! These are the kind of friends you could only wish for and hope you'd have around you in life. The Dawson's, The Gurr's and The Horrocks! I feel so overly blessed to have them all in our lives!

Getting back to the party... what you all don't know about me is I'M A CRAZY BIRTHDAY PARTY PLANNING KIND OF GIRL! I spend months finding the right goody bags, Pinata, games, food, entertainment, invites, place and time, decorations and WAY MORE! I'm so crazy about it I've sucked Meagan (MY BFF) into it. Oh and Mira (my other BFF) often says "how is the party planing going (3 months BEFORE the party date)?" LOL Yep - you can say I love kids parties. So the point is I plan way in advance and yesterday I planned the fastest party I've ever planned. It started with Let's get a slip and slide and went from there. I made cup cakes and we had hot dogs and hamburgers. We called our friends and set everything up in less than 5 hours.

I must say it was the best party (WELL...not the best, because I've given some kick butt parties, but it was really awesome and fun) so here are some picture of the fun

Calvin went down once and was over it!



Aliece (Gurr cousin, Sorry I forgot her name)

Sophia went down once and because she wasn't wet enough she skidded and stopped AND was also over it!




Frankie the missile


The Gurr's

The Cup Cakes

Chow down

And the gifts

The boys got too MANY AMZING THINGS!!!! but get this The Cuppett's gave us a ride on the good year blimp. Can you believe that. From water toys to books and from army parachute men to AWESOME race car tracks! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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Emilie Ahern said...

Wish I could have been there!

Calvin's gift is in the mail.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY little guy!

Just Me said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Calvin is already 2!

Happy Birthday Calvin!

Amy Hummel said...

A freakin' ride on the goodyear blimp??!! How awesome is that!!! Way to go on throwing together a last second party. I planned for 2 weeks straight for Jared's 30th birthday that we had a couple of weeks ago. It was so exhausting... but awesome in the end!