Sharing a Bed


I can remember being little and getting scared in the night. I would run down the dark hallway to get to my mom and dad's room. I felt safe there laying in between them and when it was cold, I would hop in my sister's bed and we would share the warmth. There are so many books out there that will tell you not to let them share a bed. To teach them to sleep on their own, but I would be a total hypocrite if I followed their guidance. The best part of being married is having a bed buddy, because I still get creeped out from time to time in the middle of the night. Yep- I'm a night time chicken.

Where am I going with this subject? About a year ago I made a big decision on behalf of the boys. I noticed they would end up in our bed or each others beds, almost every night. They obviously wanted a bed buddy and felt safer/warm that way. So as a family we headed to Ikea and bought a trundle bed. If you ask me... it was the BEST decision ever, even if they take a little longer going to sleep at night (goofing around and talking). Knowing that they are building a close "best friend bond" by talking at night and feeling safe with each other, makes me so happy. They now sleep the whole night through snuggling each other and it worked. I'm sure this method might be weird having them sleep together and yes someday they will have their own beds again, but it works for us... for now. So what are your thoughts on kids sharing a bed? I really want to know.

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The Ark said...

Yes, it is ok. Years ago children slept in the same bed, usually out of lack of money for several beds, space and warmth. Your Dad and his 2 brothers all slept in a big bed. In other countries this is very common. Now a days people seem to get creeped out about it, no need. Once they get older, better to separate them. Love, Mom

Miriam Prantner said...

We have been planning to move our girls into the same room, bunk beds though. I've been putting it off since one is a better sleeper than the other, but I'm thinking we need to just do it. Thanks for sharing this!

Nicole said...

Mine is three and all of a sudden, he's been sleeping with us every night for the past two weeks. Not sure why he won't sleep in hos room anymore. He tells me that he wants to sleep with me. sighs.