Share Your Hobbies With Them- Parenting 101

I've mentioned it on my blog before, but when I was a little girl my Mom shared all her hobbies with me. I learned how to sew when I was 6. I was taught to love all forms of art and I practice calligraphy all the time. Plus we baked! My Mom would make the most amazing wedding cakes for clients and she taught me all her tricks. I even learned how to make frosting roses. Now that I'm a parent, I'm in awe of my mother. She went out of her way to share her hobbies with all 6 of her children. We even learned how to cut wood with electric saws! As for my Dad... he taught us how to clean a VCR, rewire lamps, fix cars and much more. He was a GREAT teacher!

School is totally important, and heck, we all need to know math and how to read, but when a parent shares a hobby...they teach their child something much more valuable. Life experiences! These loved hobbies are time well spent and perfected. Almost masters of the tread.

Somehow time has snuck up on me and I've been a parent for 9 going on 10 years. Wanting to follow in my parents footsteps, I've been working hard at sharing my hobbies with the boys. I teach them about art/crafting, how to build things, music and much more. As for Mr. Sonboul, he has taught them about technology, games, out door activities, catch, how to pin bugs, how to fix/take care of a bike and the most important... the love of reading. I love hearing him read to the boys and he has been doing this from the moment they were born.


 The other day Calvin came across a box in our closet. I told him "It's Daddy's special box and you'll need to ask him to look inside". With the boys next to him, Mr. Sonboul opened the lid with care.


The box was packed with collected comics. Vintage comics of hero's the boys have loved for years. I'm not sure when he started collecting these, but I've made a point in our marriage to always take care of this box. Mr. Sonboul has been waiting for years to share this hobby with the boys and the day had finally come.


They LOVED looking at them. LOVED THEM! He read a couple of his favorites and the boys hung onto every word. I even heard a few giggles.


Parenting can be such a BUSY job and I think we all know this! Running around town and helping with homework can take up a big part of the day. I would definitely never title myself as a "perfect parent", because Lord help me... I lose my temper from time to time just like everyone else. However, I do know that these little people are craving to learn and why not start with sharing what you love the most... our hobbies.

What hobbies do you share with your kiddos?

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Michelle said...

Laura never wanted any part of anything I did growing up.. cooking, hobbies or otherwise. Now, at 25, she is asking for recipes to make on her own in her own place. Brit, she used to be my scrapbooking buddy. She would bake with me. We would read together. Watch movies together. Go for walks. Now, at almost 15, scrapbooking for her is a thing of the past. I think Laura has picked up my shutterbug-ness. She bought herself a good DSLR. Brit doesn't want anything to do with a camera much. Brit once in a blue moon will bake. She likes to putter in her room, rearranging it. She is getting a room redo for her birthday coming up. Ben, he loves anything with his mama and daddy. He just turned 6, and is still pretty little. I love it. I can still pick him up and squish him. He loves to cuddle. He and I build with legos and K'nex. Read. He is reading. :) Very well too. He loves anything Star Wars. I have seen the original 3 movies about 557489384 times! He loves to bake. He and I watch cooking shows together. :) I LOVE doing all of this with my kids. I didn't have parents like yours, I had very much the opposite. Because they aren't healthy to be around, we don't see them. I would never go back and want to do my childhood over. But, i sure am glad I broke their cycles and my kids have had great childhoods. I am not perfect either. I lose my temper when I shouldn't, but it is so much better than the environment I was raised in.

Cindy deRosier said...

I share all my hobbies with my son. He loves crafting and cooking, reading, and geocaching. I can't imagine NOT sharing the hobbies I love with him.

Leslie said...

Such a cute post paying tribute to both your mom and husband. I think it's wonderful you are documenting the small things.

Nicole said...

Aw, that's really cool!

The Ark said...

Thank you:-) We are so glad that each of you have learned from those experiences and are passing them onto your children, and your own hobby interests too. Maybe put the comic books in a plastic container with a tight lid to protect them from moisture. Love, Mom and Dad

Louise said...

wow my boys would love it if their dad had a box of comics like that. that's quite a collection! I share my love of scrapbooking with the boys even though they are not as keen as me :)