Doing A Midnight Test Run

Am I lacking Sleep? Totally!
 For the past 6 days, I've been literally working non stop. I have so many ideas and I want to make sure that everything gets done before we set up the booth. I'm so excited to have two collections this time around and wanting everything to be perfect has caused me to feel guilty at night. So I've been staying up until 4-5am every night... to make sure I get it all done. Last night I finished the last thing  on my "to do" list and decided to stage everything in my home.  Seeing all the hard work in place and styled, made me take a deep breath of relief! It charming, which makes me happy. So here are a few sneaks, because I'm too impatient to wait for the show. lol

You gotta love Home Depot for making the paint color on the boy's desk, match perfectly to Calvin's Race paper (the one with the horses).
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
I'll take some photos of it all in the booth and report back later.
Do leave a comment and let me know what you think. Again, I'm so nerves to share everything.

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Pam said...

I think you hit it out of the ballpark :)

Michelle said...

It looks wonderful Heidi!!

Glue Meets Paper said...

It all looks fabulous!

Cindy deRosier said...

The booth is going to look GREAT! I really, REALLY wish I could be there in person, but I'm counting on you to post lots of pics.

The Ark said...

AWESOME!!! It will be a great success! Love, Mom

The Ark said...

AWESOME!!! It will be a great success! Love, Mom

Leslie said...

Go to bed and stop blogging! But it looks incredible and one of these days I'm going to CHA to see it in person.

Wendy said...

It looks fabulous and you'll be fantastic at CHA! Good luck!

Jillian Cassity said...

Wow wow!! Your booth is going to look incredible!! I cannot wait to see pics!

Nicole said...

I think you did a fabulous job! Don't be nervous, you rock!