Weight Loss Check In

I'm excited for today's workout and the feeling that comes after it. In the middle of last week I started having a couple of anxiety attacks which were not fun. I totally think they were coming on from stress (I have a long "to do" check list for this next few months) and missing those past workout days added to it.  The exercise really helps my anxiety and when I hit my "40 days of workouts" (last month), the attacks had completely stopped happening.

This Wednesday I'm weighing in and I can't wait to see how I do. I don't think the amount will be amazing, but I know I'm going to lose. I'm still trying to get back on track with not eating past 7pm and this last 2 days I've been pretty good. So it's little steps this week.

Alright, I'm off to workout and to feel the burn. I hope you all have a good workout too. Today I'm using this pic as inspiration...


I found out I have until Feb 2013 to lose more weight :) I totally want to look as cute as the girls and I have this jacket I really want to wear for the photo shoot. I have NO room for error if I want to fit into it and with Christmas coming up, this is going to be a challenge. I'm not worried about Thanksgiving, because we are always really active on that day. BUT Christmas and all the sweet...oh man...it could go back REAL QUICK! 

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The Ark said...

Heidi, you are amazing! You will do great! You have many to support you on your journey of weight loss. Just take one day at a time. Love, Mom

Julia said...

You Rock Heidi!!! YOU are such an inspiration to me! I started working out about 7 weeks ago. I haven't been as consistant as you but I've been plugging along at it! I keep telling myself "if Heidi can do it...then so can I!!!" I even managed to squeeze in some scrapping last week and my mood is so much better! School is overwhelming and with only 3 weeks left I'm wondering how I'm going to get it all done! So I get the whole deadline thing... So each day I get up and if I have the energy...I work nights ya know...I get after my workout, then fix dinner, then do homework, then work all night, then shower, then bed...all to start over the next day!!

Read something the other day...
Cowards never start (not us!)
The weak never finish (we're working at it)
Warriors never quit (AMEN)!

We can do this thing Heidi!!!