Where Do You Keep My Teeth?


Well... maybe I should write "HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN".
The day really was non stop, but so fun. Mr. Sonboul and I spent
a ton of time helping at the school. Later in the day we went to 
dinner with nana and pappy (their treat), and getting all my birthday 
wishes made me feel so loved. Then to end the night, we went out 
and did some good o'l fashion trick or treating.


Now about these costumes: 
Being that my birthday is on Halloween, I take costumes pretty darn 
serious. I think about them for months in advance and once I have 
something in stone... I'm a happy camper. This year it was a clear choice
and I decided to be the tooth fairy. Being a chubby girls didn't stop me 
from having fun and I found a tutu that fit my bum ;) While at the school, 
I must have answered a million dental hygiene questions from kids and 
"where I keep the teeth". I loved hearing "Mrs. Sonboul is the tooth fairy?" 
over and over again. I wish I thought to handout tooth brushes, because 
that would have been fun! By the end of the night (while trick or treating) I 
decided to say "don't forget to brush your teeth tonight!" It made a lot of 
people laugh and I loved being the ONLY tooth fairy on the streets. As 
for Mr. Sonboul...he is the best! He agreed to be my tooth and people
loved him. We had so much fun walking around together. SO MUCH FUN!


What's funny is that I just colored my hair black and I got a blonde wig
for the costume...go figure. I just think the tooth fairy should be blonde.


Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the boys and what they did at school.
Hopefully you all had a safe and happy Halloween last night
and you remembered to brush your teeth after all those yummy
treats! Because lets not forget....


Be true to your teeth, so they won't be "false" to you!


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Pam Callaghan said...

You look adorable!! I love that costume!!

Cindy deRosier said...

Super cute! What a fun idea. I do think passing out toothbrushes would have been awesome (though expensive!).

Jingle said...

You look absolutely adorable!!! The boys look great too! Sounds like a super fun day! I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

The Ark said...

So much fun! You look sooooooo cute! Love, Mom

Shemaine Smith said...

Oh my gosh! Fabulous costume idea! Fun pics too. Glad you enjoyed your birthday too.