How I did at WW this week

After a post like yesterday...
you would think that I gained.
I did everything I could while facing some
major emotional stress.

I worked out where I could and ate
the healthiest things the hospital's cafeteria could offer.
Between visits for my mom, I went to WW to weigh in.
Striped down to my yoga pants and my sports top...
I stepped on the scale.

This week I lost:
1.2 lbs
and now weigh:
286.6 lbs

I always hope to hit at least 2 lbs, 
but after a week like this I'll take this number.
I'm just so happy I didn't gain :)

The doctors decided to keep my mom
just one more night to make sure everything was okay.
So this week, I'm grateful for my mother still being here
and that I lost. I would have even been happy with just
2 oz.

I think this is me just being realistic,
with such a stressful week on my plate.

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Julia said...

ATTA GIRL!!!!!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

Good for you! Every pound counts. :)

Wendy said...

Good for you to stay on track! So scary about your mom! Prayers coming your way.