Chocolate Pancakes and Ice Cream

About a week ago, the boys and I had a sleepover at my sister Penny's home.
We started the morning off with chocolate pancakes and ice cream. A Nichols family tradition. 
Did you catch that... my sister's name is Penny Nichols. Cute right?!
The morning was warm and beautiful, which is why we love California in Sept and Oct. It's still so warm this time of year. So warm that you can go to the beach and swim. It's pretty great.


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Seeing Bradley swim around the pool and jumping off the diving board, made me so happy. I love knowing that those swimming classes paid off this past summer. It was a perfect Friday and Saturday. Oh plus I got a tan....trust me... it was needed. Having this last burst of summer activities, now has me ready for the cool crisp fall air. What a fantastic end to summer!

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Michelle said...

Jealous of your warm weather!! We had a week of fall?! Temps are in the 30's here. Brrrr!!! I never get used to these cold temps. I wish I could convince my hubby to move somewhere warmer. :)

Leslie said...

That sounds so yummy. What a fun tradition you all should move by us so we can join in on the fun