Trying To: Eat Less Sugar. I’m Failing Miserably.

Alright. I'm at my heaviest weight. Something must be done.
I let myself enjoy the vacation and I ate like crap while sick.
However, I now fill sick knowing that my fat jeans are getting tight.

I'm Trying To:  Eat Less Sugar and so far this summer I’m Failing Miserably.

Today is a new day and I worked out. I'm sadly starting fresh yet again and I'll check back
in a week. I swear that the sugar is flowing through my blood and only a break up can help.

Wish this chubby girl luck.
Happy Day Everyone.

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Beth Hallgren said...

Heidi, I'm an addict too and just can't break the cycle :( I'll be praying for you. Maybe you'll inspire me! I'm at my heaviest too.

Alissa said...

Heidi, I started reading your blog bc I love your scrap style. I stay a reader bc you are SO REAL. Thanks for your honesty with your weight struggles! I just wanted to comment to encourage you as you get back on the weight-lose horse. You can do it!

Emilie LaCokine said...

I am right there with you. I wish you the best. I can't cut off on ice cream and popcorn.

I can't wait for my dance class to start again in september! It'll make me feel better!