The Infamous Tooth Fairy

One day while chatting with my sister she says within earshot of the boys
"Oh... our tooth fairy makes a mess!"

The more I talked to her about this, I decided to put in a request.
The day finally came and senor Calvin lost his first tooth.
We used the "string & door" trick, which was his idea.
Photobucket With his tooth under the pillow and fast asleep, "HE" paid Calvin a visit.
When Calvin woke up and we saw the room...it was a total mess.
Their bed and floor was covered in fairy dust and sparkles. Now hands down...
he pays the best money for a tooth. 
$5.00 a tooth. But...when I asked
Photobucket "Which do you want more? A clean room and only $1.00 or a MESSY room and $5.00?"

Photobucket He responded quickly with: "I'll take the $1.00, because I don't like how messy he was!"

-Another magical childhood moment checked off my list-
I know he will never forget this.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea, and such cute pictures to capture it!