The Offer and Boots

At the beginning of this weight loss journey, Mr. Sonboul wrote me this in an email

The email was title "Motivation"  

"Hey Cuddle Bunny,
I decided yesterday that I wanted to reward you for your hard work towards acheiving your weight loss goals. So.....if you don't mind....I would like to offer you a 10 minute neck/shoulder rub/massage for every day that you succesfully work out. What do you think? You get to cash it in every night you work out right after the boys go to bed.
Let me know if that sounds like a good idea to you.
Anyway. I love you and hope you are having a good day."

Yep... I have a good man! It's now been 13 workouts which  = 13 nightly massages


Moving onto my 3rd week of workouts,
I have a new photo for motivation. Riding boots.


I haven't been able to wear a pair for a while. My calves are too large and this makes me super sad! which is also the reason I always wear pants and long dresses. I have two gorgeous pairs in my closet, just waiting to be loved. If I keep on track, I'll be able to wear them at the end of October. Being that my birthday is at the end of that month...it will be like a birthday gift to myself. One that is way overdue.

So how about you? What is motivating you this week?

PS wish me luck... Tomorrow I weigh in :)

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Beth Hallgren said...

I'll wish you luck but it won't be because of luck that you lose...it's because you are working hard and staying motivated!

The Ark said...

Good luck Heidi. You will do it! I have so much confidence in you:) Love, Mom

Emilie LaCokine said...

Hi Heidi! Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, though I don't think you need any. You've been working so hard.

I don't know what my motivation his. I think I don't have any. You are in such a positive thinking mode, it makes me think to reevaluate the way I think about loosing weight.

Still no snacks between meals this week!


Pam Callaghan said...

Jason is awesome!!! Since I chatted with you last week, i have worked out almost everyday. Mostly just walking and playing tennis but alas I have done it!!!

Shemaine Smith said...

Good Luck Heidi!!! This week I am motivated by how much better I am feeling when I get out of bed in the morning. I feel different and I know it's because I am making healthy food choices and hitting the track every night. It's so ON!