I'm Going To UT and More Chubby Girl Talk.

About 4 weeks ago while at a family dinner, my niece Emily says to me
"So I want to move to UT, do you want to drive with me there?"
After talking it over with Mr. Sonboul, I thought
"That would be so fun, I'll do it!".

All the plans have been worked out and I'm super excited. I will only be there for less than
24 hours, but in those 24 hours I have some fun things planned. 


This weekend, I didn't cheat...not EVEN ONCE!
I'm feeling that my will to be happy and healthy is finally kicking in AND
I'm pretty sure I'm going to get another great number at my weigh in on Wed.
This time I'll make sure the battery is charged, so I can film it :)


Just because art is important....
On a normal summer day, I had Bradley working on this.
I taught him about brush strokes and that the direction is very important.



Once he saw what he was painting, I had all his attention. 


Only 150 more workouts to go and counting!


And last for today. 
I had a light bulb moment on Saturday, while out walking 3 miles.
I thought "What will make this weight loss different from the last?"

1- I Don't workout on Sunday. However... because that is my down day doesn't mean I can have
a "down day for food".Ya know, allowing myself to eat what I want. In fact, that should be the day when I eat the best! No workouts, means no sweets. Umm... duh! That only took me way too long to figure out! Plus, I've always said "I'm starting on Monday". Looking at the calendar, Monday isn't the first day of the week. It's Sunday. Right?! Which means, Sunday is the day I should start with success!

2- Staying focused. Allowing myself to have a "cheat day" will only allow me to slip. I'm not strong enough in the willpower department, so until I am... "NO cheat moments or days".

3- Planning. I can't tell you how much this is helping me out. As a family, we have been planning out our dinners for about 3 weeks now. It's amazing. Knowing what is for dinner, allows me to track and plan with my points better. SO IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Plan out those meals.

4- The Reality. I know that at any moment I could get stressed about something and want to reach for food. Why wouldn't I?! It's what I've done my whole life. Knowing that I have this history, I need to be prepared for the reality. When it hits, I need to react in a healthy way. Like taking a walk or quietly say "food isn't going to make you feel better, but solving this issue will". 

I am happy that I went for this walk. It allowed me to clear my thoughts and to find an answer to my questions ... "What will make this weight loss different from the last?".

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Cindy deRosier said...

You can do it! It sounds like you are committed and know what you need to do. Use the blog to keep yourself honest. :)

Danielle Russell said...

You can totally do it Heidi!! That's a great realization & will help you to reach your goal even sooner!!